"I've done a series of coaching sessions with Victoria to look at what I want out of my life, and how to increase my chances of getting it. Victoria's style has been very structured and purposeful, with the right amount of challenge to push me out of my comfort zone. Ultimately, she's helped me get closer to where I wanted to be in a much shorter time frame than if I hadn't been working with her, and for that I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Jaskaran Kahlon
Product Manager, Farewill

"Before I had coaching with Victoria, all my ideas were scattered with little direction. I had little faith in my business idea and wasn't sure where to begin. Victoria helped me visualise my project and see the potential of where my ideas could lead me. She guided me step by step to real, attainable goals and realistic timelines. I am happy to announce that I will be launching my business within the month thanks to Victoria's coaching!"

Edwin Lavilla
CEO, Mako Mako

"I found my sessions with Victoria to be very useful, in particular with respect to developing my organisation and planning skills. Her coaching helped me understand my personality better, which allowed me into implement a daily routine to be much more productive."

Danny Chambers
Veterinarian and Politician

"The part I liked most about Victoria's coaching is how she exposed some of my embedded assumptions and limiting beliefs with care and skill. This created opportunities that weren't available to me before because I just couldn't see them. Now I'm really excited about the options I have before me and more clarity around what steps to take next."

Erica Young
Principal, Anthemis Group

"I recently did an executive coaching session with Victoria. As an executive facing the start of a downturn, but also as a father with a young family, there's a lot going on. Victoria not only helped me crystallise my thinking and goals, but coached me towards establishing a clear action plan for building a challenging yet achievable plan for the next 6 months. I'd certainly recommend her as a coach."

James Jameson

"I’ve had a series of sessions with Victoria covering a range of topics both personal and professional. Victoria has a very natural and friendly manner, I felt very comfortable discussing any topic with her. She helped me identify my goals and structure them into achievable chunks, when they had previously felt unmanageable. I always left our sessions feeling much more motivated than I was at the start - thank you!"

Rebecca Leng
Sensory Scientist, Firmenich

"Writing a travel book whilst maintaining a demanding full time job has certainly been a challenge. In addition, COVID-19 disrupted my research plans significantly so it was brilliant to take stock and refocus with Victoria during this time. She very quickly grasped my short term and long term vision and really helped me translate these into workable and achievable goals. Victoria's coaching is really motivating and I would certainly recommend her."

Gemma Holding Spencer
Author and Founder, Weekends Away Walking

"Victoria helped me prepare for a very important job interview. I loved how she helped me set clear goals that really focused on my priorities in the build up. The follow up appointment was just as helpful so I was 100% ready for the interview - thank you, Victoria, I'll definitely be back again!"

Emily Hayter
Specialist Physiotherapist and AHP Practice Educator

"I found our regular coaching sessions very insightful and Victoria has motivated me to make my goals priorities in my life. Victoria is refreshingly open and honest and I truly believe that she wants me to succeed with my goals."

Svenja Keller
Head of Wealth Planning, Killik & Co