About Victoria

Certified Coach for Life and Performance


As a veterinary surgeon, I've had the extraordinary privilege of treating animals and helping owners through stressful, emotional and traumatic periods of their lives, as well as training and supporting colleagues and students for 15 years in the profession with the highest suicide rate in the UK. Driven by my compassionate and adventurous nature, I have also been managing multiple projects for international charities since 2018 to extend my support to as many animals and their communities as possible. 

Coaching has become an integral part of my life as the value of supporting team members and clients reach their goals has more extensive benefits than the quick-fix I was trained for as a veterinarian. The rewards of building determination and feeling excited by challenges include more than simply increased job opportunities and success - they help develop a sense of "self" that I can help you achieve with tailored coaching sessions. 

My coaching style is relaxed, compassionate and non-judgmental. Client confidentiality is paramount as I believe an open and honest discussion leads to greater rewards. I understand being coached can be challenging for some people but it should also be enjoyable - I ensure clients feel comfortable to allow their thoughts to develop naturally.

In addition to working in a range of situations and roles, I've travelled to over 65 countries aiming to satisfy my endless curiosity about our planet and other cultures. I swim, cycle and run just enough to balance my love of good food, and my passion for animals and nature keeps me grounded.

What would you like to do with your precious time on our wonderful planet?